Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund policy

Under UK law, you may have the right to cancel or request a refund under certain circumstances, following this policy.

If you purchase a course, course upgrade or item from our shop:

Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if:

  • you have requested it within the 14-day cooling-off period;
  • you have not started (or attempted to start) any training, analysis or tests; and 
  • you have not received a Certificate of Achievement or Statement of Participation (whether digital or physical) on the course.

The 14-day cooling-off period begins:

For paid courses without a free access period:

  • if you purchased before the course started, on the first day of that course run; OR
  • if you purchased after the course run started, on the day you made the purchase.

Once you have cancelled, you will not be able to access any part of the course, take part in any tests, or receive a digital or printed certificate for the course run.

For Upgrades: 

  • if you upgraded before the course started, on the first day of that course run; OR
  • if you upgraded after the course run started, on the day you paid to upgrade.

Once your upgraded access has been removed, you will not be able to access the course run after the free access period has ended, take part in any tests, or receive a digital or printed certificate.

If you purchase a product independently of a course upgrade or paid course via the Welding Academy shop:

  1. Non-personalised Products fulfilled directly by Welding Academy 

If you change your mind:

Where you cancel an order for any non-personalised Product(s) within 14 days of your receipt of the Product(s), or before we have shipped the Product(s), any refund will be for the amount you paid for the Product(s), including any basic delivery charge; you will be responsible for delivery costs above the basic charges, for example, enhanced delivery service, and for the cost of returning the Product(s) to us.

If there is a problem with your Product(s):

If you have returned the Products to us because they are faulty or misdescribed, we will refund the price you paid for the Product(s), together with any applicable basic delivery charges, and any reasonable costs you incur in returning the Product(s) to us. 

  1. Personalised Products fulfilled directly by Welding Academy

If you change your mind:

You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel your order for a personalised Product if your personalised Product has not yet been dispatched.

If there is a problem with your personalised Product:

If your personalised product arrives damaged, or there is a problem with the information on the personalised Product, please get in touch and let us know. To the extent any error is the fault of Welding Academy, we will endeavour to make good the information on your personalised Product and issue a corrected Product free of charge.

When you order a personalised product, you will be shown the name that will be used on the Product (on first purchase, this will be filled with the name you used to register with Welding Academy). You will also be able to edit the name used on your personalised Product before you purchase. Requests for exchanges or refunds based on name changes will normally not be accepted.

If your personalised product does not arrive:

If your Personalised Product doesn’t arrive within a reasonable period of time (as set out in our Delivery Policy), please contact us, and we will consider whether you are eligible for a refund or replacement. Please note, you have access to an electronic copy of your Personalised Product through the unique URL provided to you.

If you purchased multiple personalised Products at once:

It is not currently possible to purchase more than one personalised product at the same time, without paying shipping costs separately for each. If you wish to purchase multiple personalised Products at once, please contact us and we will refund the shipping charged for any personalised Products beyond the first, provided you did not order in such bulk (and at such weight) that the additional postage charged is reasonably reflective of the increased shipping cost we would have incurred on despatch of your personalised Products.  

  1. Orders for Products to be fulfilled by a third party(“Third Party Products”)

If you change your mind:

If you have purchased a Third Party Product for sale through the Welding Academy website, including, for example, welding plant and administered by third-party providers, your contract for sale is made directly between you and the third party seller.

Before your order is processed and forwarded to the third party seller, we may in certain circumstances be able to cancel and process a refund if you do not meet the eligibility criteria or if you have purchased the Third Party Product in error and notify us promptly. In all other events and for orders that have been processed and forwarded to the third party seller, please refer to the third-party seller’s refunds policy.

How to request a refund

To request a refund or cancellation, contact us at with your email address and order number.

When and how we issue refunds

Upon determining that a cancellation or refund is due to you under these Terms, we will issue such refund or cancellation within 14 days of:

  • our receipt of the returned Product(s); or
  • our confirmation that such refund or cancellation is due to you otherwise than through return of the Products.

If you are entitled to a refund, we will refund you on the credit card or debit card used by you to pay for the Product(s).

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