Responsible Welding Coordination Services (RWC) - ISO 9001 and ISO 3834

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Responsible Welding Coordination Services (RWC) - ISO 9001 and ISO 3834

Welding is an integral production method in the manufacture of millions of metallic products and assemblies worldwide. Although not always visible, most metal products will have undergone some form of welding process in order to be produced.

Welding is a safety critical process whilst also having a considerable impact on both a product’s costs and quality. Consequently, it is important that the welding is carried out to established welding procedures whilst also maintaining maximum efficiency where possible.

Most manufacturers will be required to comply with ISO 9001, be it through their client or regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001 states that, where necessary, “special processes” shall be identified and welding is typically considered one of these “special processes”.

As an addition to ISO 9001, the ISO 3834 series is an excellent tool for ensuring the control of this special process.

ISO 3834 states “The manufacturer SHALL have at his disposal appropriate welding coordination personnel. Such persons having responsibility for quality activities SHALL have sufficient authority to enable any necessary action to be taken. The tasks and responsibilities of such persons SHALL be clearly defined”

Training and certification of a welding coordinator can take years and a considerable amount of investment to complete. Where a company does not have the resources or time to achieve this.  TWA can offer this as a sub contract service for a fraction of the cost of employing a full time welding coordinator whilst providing the relevant knowledge base to support your organisation / quality systems/ manufacturing process.

Further to the ISO 3834 series, ISO 14731 defines the tasks and responsibilities for welding coordination personnel. At LG RWC we provide welding coordination services to a comprehensive level with our engineers having extensive knowledge and experience, having gained European Welding Technologist (IWT/EWT) & CSWIP 3.1 qualifications. We aim to take a pro-active approach to coordination management and support for all welding quality related tasks.

Welding quality system, in line with ISO 3834 requirements

TWA will coordinate the following activities for your quality system, in line with ISO 3834 requirements:

  • Review of requirements
  • Technical review
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Welding personnel
  • Qualification of welding procedures
  • Welding procedure specifications
  • Inspection and testing (before, during & after) welding
  • Post Weld Heat treatment
  • Identification and traceability.
  • Quality Records.

Our industry experience

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ISO 9001 and 3834 GAP Analysis

With 10 years’ experience working for a UKAS accredited notified body our RWC has been approved as a lead auditor against ISO 3834. As part of our service we will conduct ‘gap analysis’ to identify areas for improvement for compliance with the ISO 3834 standards

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