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Have you got Welding Fume Fever?

Effects of welding fumes on lungs

Brass chills, Brazier’s disease, Copper fever, Foundry fever, Smelter shakes and Welder’s ague. These are all names given to the common respiratory disease that almost all welders have suffered.

This is the results of the inhalation of fine metal particles as well as chemicals created during the welding process, as well as in cases of brazing or soldering.

This seemingly benign disease can be overlooked, but prolonged exposure can cause permanent lung damage.

Early symptoms are often be confused with flu-like, often including chills, chest pain, coughing, headache, fatigue, so the confusion often leads to symptoms being disregarded.

However, more serious symptoms can arise, including a burning sensation, shortness of breath, yellow eyes/skin, vomiting, abnormal blood pressure and bloody stool.

Diagnosis can be quite difficult to confirm as in many cases the symptoms can vary and often be confused with other more common illnesses.

Once diagnosed, the treatment options are limited and the best treatment has been symptom relief. This means rest and anti-inflammatory medication with lots of water, while keeping away from the source of the toxins.

Downtime for valuable trained staff is never good for a business, and no worker should be at risk while performing their job. The best way to deal with Welding Fume Fever is by preventing it outright.

Prevention means limiting the exposure to fumes and particles. There are various methods of reducing exposure, those most common and effective being having suitable ventilation in and around welding operations. Where good airflow is not available, using fume extraction systems can prove to be very effective as well as affordable solution.

Having a mobile fume extraction system allows the fume protection to move where the welder needs it.

“X-Tract Fume Extraction systems was specifically created to address the rampant overpricing of fume extraction systems. We believe that clean air at work should not be sold at a premium. Our extractor units were designed to remove dangerous particles from the air while remaining affordable and reliable.”

This is why our fume and dust extraction units are some of the most affordable on the market. They are designed and built with cost in mind while also ensuring that they provide complete protection from fumes and dust while working.

Our filters were also designed to allow for easy cleaning and reuse. Reducing the ongoing cost of running the fume and dust extraction over years of production.

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