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Where to buy welding a fume extractor?

Where to buy welding a fume extractor?

This is a question we asked ourselves when setting up our factory. Our facility does a lot of welding and fabrication work. We realized too late that we would need a fume extraction system.

So we took to google and found ourselves drowned in options that all seemed far too expensive for what we were getting.

But we bit the bullet and ordered a set of mid ranged fume extractors, assured that we would get quality for our money. This however, was not the case. We quickly found that even though the extractors we bought were well known and reviewed, they just did not seem worth the money we paid for them.

We are machine manufacturers and once we looked into the hows and whys fume extractors function the way they do, we realized we could produce them quite easily to fit our needs. So we did just that. We produced a small run for ourselves and realized that the market was being poisoned with excessively high prices for no good reason. Our extractors were engineered to be simple and effective, to give us exactly what we needed in terms of fume extraction without forcing on any unneeded bells and whistles.

We decided to try our hands at selling a few and immediately we saw a response. They were flying off the shelves almost as quickly as we could get them ready. We started making small improvements based on customer feedback, tweaks to the design and new models produced to fill more needs in the market.

Our Innovation

And here we are now, having just launched our new 110v X-Tract 500 model, this one specifically created due to customer requests. This small fume extractor was designed for the ultimate mobility. It has a super compact size, only 560 x 430 x 430mm, and has the same advanced triple filter system of its 240v variant. This extractor can easily be taken along to site, allowing a safe fume-free working environment no matter where you go.

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